Really radio?

I occasionally listen to the radio on my way home from work, mostly to annoy myself with how awful the current state of music is. Today, I almost jumped out of my own driver’s side window while driving. Man, music right now is terrible. Have you heard this one?

(I couldn’t  find a real video for it.)

Calling this guy Spose “Maine’s biggest hip-hop act” is really not saying much, considering their other big rapper is the assistant floor manager of the L.L. Bean in downtown Portland. This song is basically just “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” but worse/justasbad.

Really? Semisonic.

I have on my desk a “Quote of the Day,” rip off calender. The quotes, I would say, are by and large inspirational. Although, sometimes the quotes are less inspiring and more about wisdom or life. The quoted range from people like Nietzsche, to Einstein, to Vince Lombardi, to Woody Allen and so on. Sometimes there are quotes from people I’ve never heard of.

I would be lying if I said ripping off the page to see what the day’s quote is, wasn’t the first thing I do when I get into work, and probably the best part of the day. I have even ripped off a few choice quotes and posted them on my corkboard (yes I have one). Sometimes on Fridays, I cheat and look ahead to the next week, and then I feel bad.

Today’s quote is this: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”   
- Semisonic.

It took me a whole minute. Semisonic.. Semisonic? Where have I heard that… WAIT Semisonic!? Are you kidding me! A bad, one-hit wonder, 90s band is plaguing my ”quote of the day” reprieve. Happy Wednesday.

In case you don’t recall Closing Time by Semisonic, I will remind you of it now.

Really?…. leaky

Do one in three women really have daily light bladder leakage? Like, everyday or… every few days or…?

And can it really be triggered just by sneezing, or coughing, among other “triggers.” Like stress? Are you telling me now, that if I’m stressed, among all the other crappy things I’ve learned that stress does from TV, Cortisol fat belly issues, headaches ; and now, stress! Stress might  just make me pee in my pants? Awesome.